The main difference of this model from Legenrich Victory that only exclusive materials are used for finishing.

Boards – African Mahogany, decking – teak.

In other respects, the model has practically the same characteristics, as previous one.

Legenrich Prestige model is made according to the arrangement of standard catamaran with partially manned hulls. There are 2 sleeping berths (2 x 1) and WC in the hulls.

Material of hulls – fiberglass (certified by Lloyd Register).

Platform – frame, compound sandwich.

Single elements are made of carbon fabrics.

Boards – African Mahogany.

Decking – teak.

Upholstery – marine vinyl.

The equipment of the panel with navigation equipment, GPS, as well as control type and etc. are agreed with the Customer, when executing the contract.

maximum length 9 m
maximum width 2.44 m
draft 0.25 m
height from the waterline 2.45 m
full load displacement 2.5 tons
maximum passenger capacity 12 pers
maximum engine power * 2х200 hp
estimated speed under full load 50 km/h
fuel tank capacity 220 ltr
fresh water tank capacity 170 ltr

* — The power and type of the installed engines are agreed with the Customer.

The basic engine – Mercury, 90 hp.

At the request of the Customer, the outboard engines of other manufacturers, as well as electric motors up to 2х40 hp can be installed.