• Legenrich ICO Campaign
    LeRT Token is Equivalent of Real Property

    Become owner of the world`s first class hotels on
    water at the most beautiful location worldwide

    The Floating Resorts will be built on Saipan Island, Lago Maggiore, The Greate Lakes and Balaton

  • Legenrich ICO Campaign
    Get Even Greater Bonus on Pre-Sale

    Limited Quantity of LeRT tokens is available!

    You can buy LeRT tokens even before the ICO begins.

  • Legenrich ICO Campaign
    Invest in LeRT Tokens

    Crypto Currency Backed By Real Assets

    Every token is backed by real House Boat

PRE-ICO In Progress

Early pre-ICO token buyers get +35% bonus LeRT tokens!

Bonus expires in:

Legenrich ICO Campaign and LeRT Token Description

Project Description

The Floating Resorts Development and Legenrich Dockyard Expansion

Legenrich is launching first platform for developing, building and operating The Floating Resorts all over the world. Decentralised blockchain technology is utilised in our project as proof of ownership and as payment technology.


Each LeRT token is backed by the real Water-campers Eagle built by Legenrich. Each LeRT token owner will be owner of part of one or many Water-campers. LeRT tokens can be used as full or partial payment for newly built Water-campers.


While part of Legenrich dockyard production will be sold on open market as stand alone product (about 15%), the biggest part (85%) will be built for creating The Floating Resorts in the world’s most beautiful places. We took a look at Lago Maggiore in Italy, Lake Balaton in Hungary, on Great Lakes between Canada and USA but stopped on North Mariana Islands, Saipan.


Offline and online casino will be created at The Floating Resort Saipan, LeRT tokens will be used in gambling at both of them

ICO Campaign Bonuses Distribution

Early Investors Receive Great Bonuses


+50% LeRT tokens

Pre-ICO Campaign

+40% LeRT tokens

 23 February 2018 - 26 February 2018 23:59 UTC

+35% LeRT tokens

 27 February 2018 - 05 March 2018 23:59 UTC

+30% LeRT tokens

 06 March 2018 - 12 March 2018 23:59 UTC

+20% LeRT tokens

 13 March 2018 - 26 March 2018 23:59 UTC

+15% LeRT tokens

 27 March 2018 - 30 April 2018 23:59 UTC

Main ICO Campaign

To Be Announced

 In May 2018

Already Invested

Results are updated with delay and actual results maybe slightly different!

Cryptocurrency Price per 10000 LeRT Token Issued Invested
BitcoinBitcoin 0 BTC Bitcoin 0.00000000 0.00000000
LitecoinLitecoin NAN LTC Litecoin 75000.00000000 27.01759395
Ethereum CoinEthereum 1.00000000 ETH Ethereum Coin 0.00000000 0.00000000
Ethereum Classic CoinEthereum Classic NAN ETC Ethereum Classic Coin 0.00000000 0.00000000
Dash CoinDASH NAN DASH Dash Coin 38.8729821 450000.00000000
Zcash CoinZcash NAN ZEC Zcash Coin 0.00000000 0.00000000
Monero CoinMonero NAN XMR Monero Coin 0.00000000 0.00000000
Total - 525000.00000000 -

Concerned About Your Privacy?

Send Ether directly to Legenrich Smart Contract

No question asked, all bonuses still remain!

The transactions are fully automated. Smart Contract is published and can be audited by everyone.



Smart Contract And Tokens

Smart Contract is published on etherscan.io


Token tracker is on etherscan.io



Would like to take a quick look?

Download Executive Summary


Would like to know more about our project?

Download Project Whitepaper

House Boat Eagle

Real Value Crypto Asset

LeRT Tokens will be backed with real House Boats Eagle produced by Legenrich dockyard!

LeRT Tokens can be used for full or partial payment for House Boats Eagle and for services at The Floating Resorts by Legenrich

Project Timeline

Legenrich's growth and expansion plan


ICO Campaign Start

Beginning of crowdsale of LeRT tokens
At the beginning of ICO Campaign Legenrich will create smart contract and release LeRT tokens. LeRT tokens will be available at crowdsale. The first stage of crowdsale will be pre-ICO. Early buyers will get greate bonus.

End of Pre-ICO

Cooldown period
Legenrich will exam pre-ICO results, will estimated investors interest in LeRT tokens and will correct its goals, if necessary.
3Q 2018

Dockyard Expansion

Development of new expanded dockyard building
Legenrich will acquire a piece of land in Klaipeda, Lithuania, near our existing dockyard and will build new production space.


Estimated official opening of main ICO Campaign.
Legenrich will offer everyone to participate in its business by acquiring LeRT tokens.
4Q 2018

Construction of New Dockyard

Beginning of construction of new dockyard building
For construction works to continue in winter, new dockyard building should be developed to certain level at this point. Legenrich estimate the construction works to be at its half.

The End of Crowdsale

Currently estimated ICO Campaign finish
Legenrich estimates to finish crowdsale of LeRT tokens. If crowdsale will reach soft cap, tokens will be listed on one of crypto exchanges.
in 2018

Launching 5 Watercampers

Legenrich will produce not less than 5 Watercampers Eagle
Current Dockyard will be fully operational while new expanded dockyard will be created. Currently Legenrich is able and will produce at least than 5 Watercampers Eagle till the end of 2018.
4Q 2018

The Floating Resort Saipan

Development of project documentation
Saipan Island is situated in The Pacific Ocean, next to Guam. Legenrich will start development of project documentation for pier building, The Floating Resort's hotel complex and casino.
2Q 2019

Grand Opening of Expanded Dockyard

LeRT tokens will now be accepted as payment method.
New opened Dockyard will employ 100 workers, who will be able to do full cycle development of Watercampers Eagle. Legenrich plans to produce up to 20 Watercampers Eagle quarterly. LeRT tokens will be officially accepted for Legenrich products, including Watercamper Eagle and Catamaran Seabull.
2Q 2019

Launching 20 Watercamper

First 20 Watercampers in new dockyard
Legenrich will start development of first 20 Watercampers Eagle for The Floating Resort on Saipan Island.
3Q 2019

Construction of Pier

Construction of pier for The Floating Resort Saipan
While new dockyard in Klaipeda produces its first Watercampers Eagle for The Floating Resort on Saipan Island, construction works will begin on Saipan as well. Pier on the shore of the Pacific Ocean will be built.
4Q 2019

The Floating Resort Maggiore

Development of project documentation.
Lago Maggiore is situated on the border of Italy and Switzerland. Legenrich will start development of documentation for pier building and opening hotel.
4Q 2019

Grand Opening on Saipan Island

Opening of The Floating Resort on Saipan Island
The Floating Resort on Saipan Island will be opened. LeRT tokens will be officially accepted as payment method for staying at hotel and in casino.
1Q 2020

Launching Even More Watercampers

20 Watercampers for The Floating Resort on Lago Maggiore
While the documentation of project will be developed, the dockyard will launch 20 Watercampers Eagle for The Floating Resort on Lago Maggiore. When local autorities will accept the project, The Floating Resort will be up and running in short time.
3Q 2020

Grand Opening on Lago Maggiore

Opening of The Floating Resort on Lago Maggiore
The Floating Resort on Lago Maggiore will be opened. LeRT tokens will be officially accepted as payment method for staying in hotel.

Further Development

Dockyard and The Floating Resorts
Legenrich sees it further development in more expanding the dockyard and in creating The Floating Resorts on Lake Balaton in Hungary, Greate Lakes in North America and other. Plans of further development will be presented to LeRT tokens owners when they will be available.

Our ICO Campaign Goals

The speed of project development will depends on goals reached.


1 300 ETH


4 000 ETH


8 000 ETH


12 000 ETH

*For complete goals terms and description please refer to whitepaper

Why Choose LeRT Token

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LeRT Tokens are based on Ethereum Blockchain, which has proven to be very secure

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LeRT Tokens are backed by real products and can be exchanged on it at once

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High Liquidity

LeRT Tokens can be used as payment method
For Legenrich products

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